3rd annual 2015 Trailer by Daniel Rintz

May 31, 2015

We are thrilled to present the official trailer for the 3rd annual MFF 2015 by filmmaker Daniel Rintz. Daniel won “Best Of Festival” at the 2nd annual MFF with his film “Somewhere Else Tomorrow“. With the support of Honda, the MFF was able to fund Daniel in filming a trailer for this year’s festival. No small feat as he is still on the road with limited means.

It was a such a great experience to work with such a talented filmmaker and get updates like these throughout the process.

April Email update from Guatemala:

We’ve captured the last missing shots for the trailer yesterday. The weather wasn’t cooperating until then, but now we’re very close getting it finished.

The other day got almost killed filming. We shot footage on a very nice narrow and windy road; it was newly paved. Several cars stopped and told us to “get lost”. Finally when one of them threatened to “make a phone call” we immediately left the scene. We talked to some local friends about it the next day and found out this road was only buildt and paved so they could extract Gold from the mountains in the region more easily. The people who threatened us were indigenous and do not in the least profit from the natural resources. Instead their kids are born blind, woman get sterile, and diseases are through the roof, only because they depend on the water of the land, which is now polluted because of the mining. The mining company is – of course – American. The corrupt Guatemalan government made a quick buck by selling the land to greedy corporations. We look like Gringos to the indigenous and they immediately hated our guts for obvious reasons. There was no explaining our way out of it. But we acted in time and got out.

Yesterday we found a spot where there were no miners for filming the “campsite scene,” but it was hairy to get to. Single track on the heavy bikes… We filmed till sunset and getting down in the dark I almost threw my whale of a bike down the cliff.

But it’s all good fun and adventure and everybody loved working on it.” – Daniel Rintz

Daniel & Joey

Daniel & Joey

Read about Daniel Rintz’s award winning film “Somewhere Else Tomorrow” HERE.

Read about their adventures HERE.

Watch the last two years trailers HERE.

Safe travels Daniel and Joey!

– The MFF & Honda

Bonnier Motorcycle Group Announced as 2015 Motorcycle Film Festival Media Partner!

May 19, 2015

Bonnier Motorcycle Group Announced as 2015 Motorcycle Film Festival Media Partner

Irvine, CA; May 15, 2015 – The Bonnier Motorcycle Group is pleased to announce that they have been named an official media partner for the 2015 Motorcycle Film Festival. The 3rd Annual Motorcycle Film Festival will be held September 23-27, 2015 in Brooklyn, New York.

The 1st Annual Motorcycle Film Festival was held in September of 2013 by co-founders Jack Drury and Corinna Mantlo to give moto/film enthusiasts from around the world a reason to gather, discuss, and celebrate their favorite subject – Motorcycles. Since the first event, the Motorcycle Film Festival has become a year round organization providing a home for all motorcycle films

“We are honored to become an official media partner of the Motorcycle Film Festival,” said Garrett Kai, Associate Publisher, Marketing for the Bonnier Motorcycle Group. “Jack and Corrina have built an amazing event that celebrates the two-wheeled world, and we want to help tell as many people as possible about this incredible show”.

“We are completely thrilled to call Bonnier part of the MFF family this year” commented Jack Drury, co-founder of the Motorcycle Film Festival. “We can’t tell you how much it means to us to be working side by side with the people responsible for the magazines we’ve pored over for every month for years to get the word out about the incredible work that motorcycle filmmakers are putting out. It’s a real honor and a real privilege.”

For more information about the Motorcycle Film Festival go to www.motorcyclefilmfestival.com or stay tuned to the Bonnier Motorcycle Group’s digital channels for more exciting information.

About Bonnier Motorcycle Group
Bonnier Motorcycle Group is the world’s largest motorcycle media family, featuring the most complete, authentic, and in-depth coverage for all facets of the motorcycle marketplace. Bonnier Motorcycle Group consists of 11 premium brands which include: Cycle World, Motorcyclist, Dirt Rider, Hot Bike, Sport Rider, Baggers, Motorcycle Cruiser, Street Chopper, ATV Rider, Super Streetbike, and UTV Driver.

2nd Annual Split’n Lanes & Dodgin’ Gutters! A Classic Motorcycle Show

April 20, 2015

SUN, MAY 3, 12-6pm

Norton Records DJ Set 2-6pm!

You know we’ll be there, and we’re bringing with us Dave Roper and his 1984 Isle of Man TT winning (only American to hold this title) Team Obsolete Matchless G50!

Event details: https://www.facebook.com/events/552146121593706/

“Dave Roper #7” was an official selection of the 2nd annual MFF. Watch the film (above).

Ray Abeyta outside of Works Engineering. Photo by Mark Mitchell

Ray Abeyta outside of Works Engineering. Photo by Mark Mitchell

On a personal note from the show organizers that means the world to us here at The MFF, and to our entire NY Moto Family.

“As many of you know…..our beloved friend, Ray Abeyta created the artwork for last year’s show. This time around, we are profoundly honored to have Bobby Garey paint the image for the event. We couldn’t think of anyone we would rather turn to. Sadly, we lost our friend Ray in a tragic motorcycle accident last December. Bobby and Ray were best friends, and worked together for years on various projects. It made perfect sense that they should be connected on this one as well. The image perfectly captures Ray’s positive and energetic essence…..we want to celebrate and share the love that he radiated. Thank You Bobby & Thank You Ray.”
Te Amo Baby!

Rich Lee Draws!

April 8, 2015

Here at the MFF, we’re thrilled to have collaborated with talented artists since day one. Three years later, we continue to build and grow these relationships and our family of artists.

This years poster is by Rich Lee, a versatile illustrator/graphic designer working in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our motorcycle centric fans may recognize his work from the covers of Cycle World, Dirt Rider, Hot Bike, Motor Cyclist, and more. Check out all of his work HERE.

Save the date, book travel, follow us on Instagram @motofilmfest and Twitter @MotoFilmFest updates and we will see you in September!

“The MFF is catching on around the world” – Cycle World

March 10, 2015

The MFF is catching on around the world, and it’s seeking new entries for 2015.

Published in Cycle World, March 2, 2015 By Paul d’Orleans


Motorcycles and movies; it’s a perfect combination. Bikes have been featured in films since the teens of last century, used as compelling characters or dynamic plot shifters. Today, we’re in the middle of a moto-movie renaissance. It seems every custom shop has an in-house filmmaker, and every cool bike event is swarmed with filmies. Today’s rising tide of moto-mania has spurred bike factories to collaborate with rising garage artists, and inspired professional filmmakers to produce two-wheel feature films.

The Motorcycle Film Festival opened its doors in 2013, and from that first event in September in Brooklyn, it was clearly a hit. Screenings were at capacity from the get-go. With only three month’s notice to the world, 35 films were submitted; Why We Ride made its debut, and three other features and 12 short films were also screened. In 2014, MFF screenings in Brooklyn were totally sold out, standing-room-only full. Seventy films were submitted from every continent but Antarctica. On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter made its premiere, and Best of Fest winner Daniel Rintz, who directed the amazing travel diary Somewhere Else Tomorrow, was awarded $2,000 and a Honda to make the MFF trailer for 2015. The judging ranks in 2014 swelled to include “Art of the Motorcycle” curator Ultain Guilfoyle, plus film directors Peter Starr, Amos Poe, and Eric Ristau (the 2013 Best of Fest winner for Best Bar in America), custom bike legends Shinya Kimura, Roland Sands, and Paul Cox, the Selvedge Yard’s JP, and others.

For 2015, the MFF expands with screenings at the Wheels & Waves festival (Biarritz, France) in June, and atEICMA (Milan, Italy) in November. Submissions for 2015 are officially open. The MFF has already exceeded its 2014 numbers, and the festival will wait until June 1 for more films to arrive.

The word is out, and the MFF’s growing international presence guarantees another amazing mix of shorts, documentaries, experimental films, music videos, and feature films for our 2015 Festival screenings. If you have a film that’s motorcycle-related, or know someone who’s shy and needs global exposure, reach the MFF at www.motorcyclefilmfestival.com.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that! It’s cheap to enter your film, and the submission process is simple. The MFF is expanding beyond Brooklyn for the American screenings in 2015/2016, so watch this space for new dates.

Cycle World’s Paul d’Orléans, our Custom & Style Editor, serves as the event host and chief judge for The Motorcycle Film Festival.