February 21, 2015


Back in December we took some time out to talk motorcycle movies at the International Motorcycle Show in NY with the ONE…THE ONLY…THE MOTORCYCLE TRAVELING MAN HIMSELF…PETER STARRRRR!

Martin Squires: A 360 Look at Sixth Street Specials

February 5, 2015

Artist Martin Squires’ work was featured ‘The Museum’, an official selection of the 2nd annual MFF. Martin made the trip to NY from the UK to be at the Festival, and while he was here he sketched several local motorcycle shops. Here is a 360 view of the piece he created at 6th Street Specials.


Excerpt from our recent interview with Martin:

You came to New York for the Film Festival, but you also did a bit of work by going to Sixth Street Specials and Paul Cox Industries to do some drawings. Tell us about your expectations before you went to their shops and what you came to find and to do.
My main aim was to use the scrolling sketchbook to produce 360-degree sketches of the workshops, but I was open to change if the workshop needed to be portrayed differently. I looked up both shops so I had an idea of what to expect, but I knew that it would all change as soon as I got there. At Sixth Street the main workshop was perfect for the 360-degree sketch as it was just one room. I sat in the middle of the workshop and sketched away as the guys carried on with their work. I really enjoyed experiencing the comings and goings of the workshop. Paul’s place was different than Hugh’s as it’s a large space with lots of different areas. I worked around the space producing a 360-degree sketch made up of the different sections. I spent 2 days at each workshop and within those 2 days I had roughed out the entire workshop and inked as much as I could. I took photos as reference so I could finish the pieces in the studio. I would have loved to do the whole thing on location but time did not allow. One thing that I didn’t know before I went to the workshops was that Paul used to work out of Hugh’s place when he started with his leather work. I was really happy that the two shops were associated it was a perfect connection.

Read the full interview HERE.

MFF heads to IMS

December 12, 2014


This Saturday will find the Co-Founders of The Motorcycle Film Festival (MFF) on the MAIN STAGE of the Progressive International Motorcycle Show (IMS) at the Javits Center in New York City at 1pm sharp.

We’ll be screening several short films (below) from this years official selection roster and discussing them with Judge and Filmmaker Peter Starr, director of Take It To The Limit (1981) among others.

Django Django “WOR”

Filmmakers: Jim Demuth & Posy Dixon

Mercury music video nominees Django Django became obsessed by the infamous Indian Wall Of Death riders in Allababad.

So, naturally, they asked Noisey to travel to India and stand right in the middle of large lumps of precariously speeding metal for a day, to film a video for their track “Wor”. They happily obliged, getting shoes stolen in the process, but it was worth it to meet a bunch of guys with the most rock solid testicles ever.

Tom Fugle

Filmmaker: Scott Pommier

Longtime bike-builder, 72-year-old Tom Fugle is working to complete a chopper for the Born Free motorcycle show. After years of toiling in relative obscurity and near poverty Tom’s work is at last getting some recognition.

Saturday, December 12th


New York Progressive Intl Motorcycle Show
Javits Center
655 West 34th Street
New York, NY 10001


– The MFF Staff

MFF Road Show: AIM Expo recap

November 25, 2014

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Aaaand…we’re back! Autumn has been a busy time for the MFF, and now we’ve got time to catch our breath and catch you up.

Last month, just weeks after the 2nd annual MMF wrapped in NYC, founder Corinna hopped on a plane and left the cooler and shorter days of NYC for sunny Orlando and the AIM Expo.

It was an honor to be invited to the event, where we screened select clips from the MFF on the main screen at the convention center throughout the event, as well as hosted several public talks with motorcycle rider, industry leader, and all-around legend John Penton and his son Jack. We were joined by Todd Huffman, Producer & Director of Penton: The John Penton Story which took home the award for Best Feature Documentary at this year’s festival.

MFF Road Show AIM Expo recap

left to right: Todd Huffman, Jack Penton, John Penton

It was wonderful to watch footage from the film with John and Jack and share with the audience the impact that the Pentons had on the history of the motorcycle industry, not to mention decades worth of stories about riding and racing. The Pentons changed the race of dirt riding and their name is attached to most of the brands on the market today.

There was no shortage of industry attendees who knew of, knew personally, had raced with, or worked for the Pentons. It brought home the core belief of the MFF which is to bring motorcycle riders together as a community.

MFF Road Show AIM Expo recap

Todd and John signing movie posters

To find out more about screening Penton: The John Penton Story in your town, check out their website!

Perry King at the MFF Ride & Repeat

Perry King at the MFF Ride & Repeat

Fresh off the press, or whatever machine is used to print it, our new Ride & Repeat banner saw its debut, thanks to Aim Expo, Schuberth, and Held. The photo booth was set up all weekend with a beautifully customized Honda CB550 Four courtesy of Cafe Moto Club, and the crowd loved it. Even actor Perry King, who was there to host the AMA Hall Of Fame induction ceremony, stopped by.

Co-Founder (also Cine Meccanica host and history of vehicular film nut) Corinna was pretty stoked to talk to Perry about his first screen appearance on 2 wheels, in the classic greaser flick The Lords Of Flatbush (1974)

The Schuberth crew 

The Schuberth crew 

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-Matt ‘Howl On Wheels’ Howell and The MFF Crew