Filmmaker: Tyler Malinky

Film: The Salt Ghost: Return Of The Nitro Express

1st annual MFF Feature Documentary Film Official Selection, 2013


Q: What’s the name of your film in the MFF, and what’s it about? 

A: The Salt Ghost: Return of the Nitro Express. My friend Wes White of Four Aces Cycle and myself bought this old land speed race bike with a stack of timing slips from Bonneville and El Mirage, and a bunch of trophies, dating from the late 1960’s up through the early 1980’s. We wanted to investigate the bike’s history, find who built it, and race it again. We filmed these endeavors.


Q: What inspired you to make this movie?

A: The lack of existing film and content we could find about some of our personal interests (motorcycle land speed racing, vintage Triumphs) raised the idea that others may like to see this bike and learn about it’s history.

Q: How did you find the MFF?

A: I found the MFF from friend’s posts on Facebook.


Q: Have you made any other films, and If so, is there a common theme throughout your films?

A: We have made a series of technical DVDs, how to rebuild your vintage Triumph motor or tune and service films, but The Salt Ghost was our first foray into a documentary or lifestyle film.

Q: Do you ride a motorcycle? and if so, what and why.

A: Yes, I ride motorcycles and work in the motorcycle industry (Lowbrow Customs). I have a stable of bikes that include a 1955 Triumph land speed race bike, as well as a dual-engine 1955 Triumph land speed bike (both are land speed record holders), a 1959 H-D Panhead chopper, a 1975 H-D Shovelhead chopper, a 2001 Honda XR650, 2006 Yamaha YZ250f dirt bike, and several other projects, including another land speed bike, a drag bike, and a couple others. I ride because it is exciting, and building and riding motorcycles is a hobby that you can grow almost without limits, I never tire of it.


Q: As a filmmaker, what about the MFF and motorcycle films in general speaks to you?

A: Motorcycles are what I love, they are my profession and my hobby. Of course I find good films about them interesting.

Q: Have you had a chance to attend the MFF yet?

A: No I unfortunately missed the first MFF, however, I hope to attend in 2014!


Q: Possibly impossible question: Favorite bike movie?

A: On Any Sunday. I never tire of watching it! Cycles South is another entertaining one.


Q: What’s next for you as a filmmaker?

A: I actually don’t have anything else with a solid plan or schedule right now, I am keeping busy with plenty of other projects (building race bikes, designing new motorcycle parts), however myself and my cohorts are sure to create another bike film some point in the near future!