Filmmaker: Kadshah Nagibe

Film: I Ride A Triumph, 1st annual MFF Short Film Official Selection, 2013


Q: What’s the film about, and what inspired you to make it?

A: Andy Shaw’s love of riding and his custom 2009 Triumph Thruxton motorcycle. Er…I don’t remember (what inspired me), but I’ve been shooting people on two wheeler’s for a long time I just enjoy doing it.


Q: Have you made any other films, and If so, is there a common theme throughout your films?

A: I’m an independent filmmaker living in NYC. I’ve made one other motorcycle short called “The Emblem” which can be viewed HERE and I also made a few short scooter videos which can be viewed on my Youtube page.

Q: Do you ride a motorcycle? 

A: Yes all year unless it snows. The two times I went down on my bike was while riding in the snow. I’ve had two Triumph Bonneville bikes, a 2003 and a 2007. The crank shaft on the first bike went kaput and I replaced it with the 07 which runs great. I’ve always wanted to own a Triumph. I would love to have a vintage bike but I don’t have a garage to store it and I wouldn’t want to leave it out on the street. I also love the look of the old the Norton, Victory and Indian bikes.


Q: As a filmmaker, what about The MFF and motorcycle films in general speaks to you? 

A: I love what you guys are doing. It’s about time someone stepped forward to do this.

 Q:  Have you had a chance to attend the MFF yet? 

A: Yes my film was in the 2013 MFF line-up thank you for screening it.


Q: What’s next for you as a filmmaker? 

A: Well I have an ambitious idea for a motorcycle film in 2014 but that will depend on if I can get a crew together to help me out I’ll see.

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