Carlsbad USGP 1980…One Day of Magic” is a very entertaining documentary about one of the most legendary days in American Motocross history. When Marty Moates, who grew up racing the sun drenched hard packed circuit, ended the European domination.

The story of how Marty won that day is thrilling enough. What makes this documentary so griping however is the original ABC Wide World of Sports footage, which includes the race call from Jim Lampley. But Lampley doesn’t narrate the story. The story is told by those who were there that day including Roger DeCoster, Brad Lackey, Wolsink and a host of others.

Even though this is a Motocross movie, it’s really a tremendous human interest story. If you’re a Motocross fan, you will love the old footage and hearing from the sport’s greats as they relive that historic day. If you’re just a race fan or a sports fan in general, the story of Marty Moates winning Carlsbad is a story of an underdog defying the odds to beat the best in the world.

YEAR 2010
CATEGORY Feature Documentary
COMPANY Pipeline Digital Media LLC
PHONE (714) 626-0885


DIRECTOR: Todd Hoffman
CAST: Todd Hoffman
CAST: Brad Lackey
CAST: Roger DeCoster
CAST: Gerry Wolsink
CAST: Danny Laporte


Pipeline Digital Media

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