Depart from Stelvio Pass and return only after finishing an around the world journey.

I like to get lost. I don’t have a GPS. I only have a compass in my keychain. If I don’t know what to do, I flip a coin. I definitely don’t choose the easiest way. At the beginning I did use some maps, then I decided to ditch them, I print google maps pages, ask questions, make notes. In the cities everything is a bit more crazy, but asking is my best resource and it is also very fun. For now I have gotten the wrong way many times, I made many friends and I am still alive. As a more mature and experienced biker than me said: “We shouldn’t travel to be seen, we should travel to disappear.” I like not to know where I am. Not being able to communicate with someone for days, helps forget what we think we are and helps find our true selves. I like the silence.

This is not the longest trip, the most organized one, or most anything else for that matter. Stelvio2stelvio is not a race nor a parade with a motorcycle across famous roads or places. It is a journey. An adventure, that day by day, without demands and within the limits of my possibilities, I try to make happen.

YEAR 2013
CATEGORY Short Experimental


DIRECTOR: Andrea Livio
EDITOR: Andrea Livio
CAST: Andrea Livio


Andrea Livio

Andrea Livio was born in Valtellina, Italy “thirtyish” years ago and spent most of his childhood as a competitive skier, finally deciding to pursue a life of filmmaking after years of studying, working, and living in various parts of the world. In 2010 Andrea made the decision to leave everything behind for another adventure, naming his journey as his starting and finishing point: Stelvio2Stelvio.