Writer / Bike Builder / Emcee

roadside_marty_bioRoadside Marty was born and raised in Florida where his father owned a motorcycle shop behind their house in the 70’s. At 15, Roadside owned his first street bike, a Kawasaki 1500 Enduro. This Army Veteran and father of one son, works as a water specialist for a public utility. He credits his father, uncle, and older brother for introducing him to motorcycles. In his lifetime he’s owned 14. His first Harley was a 72 Sportster which he still owns.

Because of his passion for motorcycles, Roadside started Flat Broke Customs and has been building motorcycles with this father ever since. As the Emcee of the most famous chopper show in the known universe, Roadside Marty has led the charge of pulling far out custom bikes into the lot at Willie’s Tropical Tattoo. For over fifteen years now he has helped one of the great names of the tattoo world host this legendary show called Choppertime.

Many people often wonder “Who the F%&K is Roadside Marty”. If you regularly read Cycle Source Magazine you may already know of Roadside, if not here you go…