Cinematographer / Director / Editor

brian_darwas_bioBrian Darwas is considered the worldwide authority on automotive documentaries. Unlike many contemporaries, Brian delves into the worlds and underworlds of his subjects to expose what makes them tick, move and live. His ability to develop the true individual in front of the lens is what makes him a master at telling stories on film.

Born and raised in New York City, Brian was exposed to art in all of its forms from a young age.

His captivating documentaries have won awards, as well as toured theaters from Los Angeles to New York and Asia to Australia. His ability to gain the trust and respect of the artists and craftsmen in his work have brought him places others would not be allowed.

Brian Darwas’ films include: This is Long Beach, White Knuckle, The Road to Bonneville, The Sweet Sickness, The Devil at Your Feet, and his latest film Three Mile. His movies have won best documentary awards at The Berkeley Film Festival (California), Motorcycle Film Festival (New York and India), Kingston Film Festival (New York), and Hotrods & Monsters Film Festival (Seattle). In addition, Brian has been interviewed and featured as a filmmaker in The Rodder’s Journal, Jalopy Journal, Street Rodder, Rod and Custom, Rod and Kulture Illustrated, Hot Rod Magazine, Hemmings Motor News, Rolls and Pleats, Kustoms Illustrated, Hot Rods Illustrated, Old School Rods, and Custom Car (UK).

Brian currently lives in New York and is an avid collector and archivist of both 35mm/16mm horror and exploitation film prints.