Co-Director of The Blank Generation, The Foreigner, and Subway Riders

Judge- Amos PoeWidely and wildly admired as a filmmaker, writer and producer, Amos Poe is a founding father of Punk, No Wave, and Indie American Cinema. The New York Times has called Amos Poe a “pioneering indie filmmaker.” One of the first punk filmmakers, he co-directed the cult classic “The Blank Generation” (1976)— a quintessential snapshot of New York’s DIY spirit. Poe’s successive films—”The Foreigner” (1978) and “Subway Riders” (1981)—landed him squarely within the No Wave Cinema movement. During this time Poe directed the public access television cable show “TV Party”. Eddie Cockrell of The American Film Institute summed it up in a nutshell: “Amos Poe is not afraid to simultaneously challenge and move an audience. Seldom, if ever, in American cinema has a sensibility of such avantgarde and seemingly pessimistic tastes produced films of such compassion and reflection.”

Poe continues to teach screenwriting, directing and production at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. His full filmography and current works are found at When he found out about the Motorcycle Film Festival Poe responded, “Let’s see, the technical term would be—’holy shit!, YES!!’ Combining my two favorite activities, filmmaking and riding, yes!” When not planning his next film, a re-imagining of “Easy Rider as a feminist allegory, Poe can be found riding “Black Bonnie” his 2012 Triumph Bonneville. Meet Amos in his own words.