On a road trip… to India

August 12, 2014
follow the event on the facebook page THE BORN FREE RIDE

follow the event on the facebook page THE BORN FREE RIDE

Part of MFF’s grand plan has always been to bust through borders and boundaries to reach motoheads around the world – and we’ve wasted no time doing it. First stop – India, where event partner EVENTZ 360º will screen the best of the 1st annual MFF ’13 at the Freedom Ride, to be held in the city of Pune on Friday the 15th of August to commemorate India’s Independence Day. With over 750 riders expected to roll in on the day, MFF’s India debut is assured a massive audience of like-minded moto-crazies for the screenings of the four award winning films, The Build (Best Short Film), White Knuckle: The Motorcycle Cannonball (Peoples Choice), The Best Bar in America (Best Feature Narrative) and Why We Ride (Best Feature Documentary & Best In Fest). So if you happen to be in or around Pune this week, what are you waiting for? Take the ride.

The Born Free Ride in the DNA India EPAPER

The Born Free Ride in the DNA India EPAPER

MFF at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show

December 16, 2013

This past weekend MFF was able to attend the Progressive International Motorcycle Show at the Javits Center in New York City. As a supporter of the 1st MFF, we were stoked to be able to get a crew together and return the good vibes.

1948 Velocette KTT MK VIII

We volunteered this year, as we do every year, at the NYCVinMoto booth. VinMoto is a free email list serve for vintage riders that we are members of and whole heartedly support. It’s a beacon of vintage iron amid a sea of cutting edge technology and it’s well worth stopping by to see the amazing bikes and meet the fantastic group of riders and volunteers that make up the community. This years line up was a collection of amazing singles, all owned and ridden by NYCVinMoto members, including a 1948 Velocette KTT MK VIII (pictured above). It is one of only 2 imported to the United States in ’48, was raced at Daytona in ’49, and is still flogged on the track today. Yowsa! Just to make sure we got the point across, we surrounded that amazing machine with a perfect Vincent Grey Flash replica, a plated and inspected 62 BMW R27, and an mostly restored but still mudded up ’66 Bultaco Matador.

Once our booth work was done, it was off to check out the current lines of a dozen or so motorcycle manufacturers. As always, it was great to see the manufacturers out in force with all their new toys. Strangely, somewhere in Jack’s film addled, North Brooklyn dwelling brain there is a craving for simple, reliable, fun transport with things like buttonstarts and flyscreens. Is sensibility the new black? 

While watching Corinna’s first attempt ever at getting on a modern sport bike might have been the best moment of the entire weekend. Ducati should change the name from Panigale to Gattino in honor of the cat-in-a-sweater uncomfortable wiggle manuever she used to get on this thing. Definitely a natural fit.

Corinna digging on the Moto Guzzi V7 Racer.

Back in her comfort zone on a Moto Guzzi V7 Special. Everyone at the VinMoto booth agreed that the V7 is a modern bike that even an avid vintage rider can get behind aesthetically. It features slim lines, spoked wheels, and a 70′s inspired tank. The Racer edition (pictured above) retains the spoked wheels, and general design, but incorporates a vintage inspired fairing, chrome tank, rear sets and upgraded suspension.

Strangely, the other bike that it seemed like everyone at the entire show agreed on was the Honda Grom. Seriously, this face is the standard issue for every single person who got on this bike. A 125cc hooligan machine with BMX wheels that you can pick up? Yes please.

Our friends at Union Garage had their first booth at Javits this year in collaboration with Bell Powersports and it was gorgeous.  Featuring several vintage italian bikes, fully restored by Moto Borgotaro. Union Garage is a gear supplier in Brooklyn dedicated to performance with style, and are currently taking orders on their fantastic  jacket made in collaboration with Vanson.

Friends and huge supporters of all motorcyclists, Indian Larry & Genuine Motorworks were there as well, with as always, an amazing line up of custom steel. New bikes still crafted in Brooklyn, as well as historic bikes on display, built by the one and only Indian Larry.

MFF at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show

Our friends at Zero Motorcycles were showing off some great new hardware. We were lucky enough to get a go on some of their machines at the festival and if you’ve never been on an electric bike you are seriously missing out. The acceleration on these things is addictive and charging around in stealth ninja mode gives serious doubts about the whole loud pipes things.

2013 MFF best feature documentary winner ‘Why We Ride‘ directed by Bryan H. Carroll, was representing strong all over the festival. If you have a chance to see this movie absolutely go, it’s a incredible exploration of all the things that make motorcycling so incredible.

Kevin Dunworth, of Loaded Gun Customs with his Bucephalus bike at the Triumph booth. This bike is the subject of the 2013 MFF official selection film ‘Loaded Gun Customs: Bucephalus Build‘, directed by Kyle Pahlow. And yes, Kevin is that tall in person, and yes,  the bike is actually that small.

One of the things that really blew us away about Triumph’s booth this year, and their whole attitude in general, was a consuming need to constantly innovate while remaining firmly grounded in previous achievements of the company. With the exception of 33 days, Triumph held the motorcycle land speed record from 1956-1970. The Gyronaut held that honor from 1966 to 1970, and the Castrol Rocket will be on the Bonneville Salt Flats in 2014 attempting to break the 400mph barrier.

This insane machine piloted by Jason DiSalvo, leaves me no doubt that the 400mph mark is on it’s way and coming fast. Just to hammer the point home even harder, they brought the incredible Double Vision. A 1370cc twin pre-unit built by Tyler Malinky of Lowbrow Customs to race the flats as well. Tyler and Lowbrow are also the subject of the MFF 2013 Official Selection film ‘Salt Ghost: Return Of The Nitro Express‘.

See you next year IMS,